Will MediaTek be Able to Penetrate the US Market?

I recently read an article at NotebookCheck, where they mentioned the new MediaTek chipsets that have been launched by the brand some days ago and with these powerful chipsets, they are looking to conquer most of the markets across the world.

But as per the tech experts, these MediaTek chipsets might not be able to penetrate some of the most sophisticated markets, like the US market, where people trust products mostly from Apple and Samsung.

Apple is perhaps one of the leaders in smart gadgets across the American country and even Samsung is doing really well with the Exynos chipsets and its smart gadgets.

So in these conditions, will MediaTek, with its new and most sophisticated chipsets for different gadgets, be able to make a difference in the US market as well. Let us find this out.

But before that, let us find out what MediaTek has in its kitty for the buyers. We are well aware that MediaTek is known for its budget segment smartphone chipsets, but entering into 2022, MediaTek has definitely raised the bar with its powerful flagship chipsets. Here are some of the new things that MediaTek recently came up with:

  • MediaTek Dimensity 9000: This is the latest flagship smartphone chipset launched by MediaTek that is perhaps the best in the business, and the features that it brought in the chipset were really exclusive. In fact, most of the features were new to the market and were seen for the first time by the buyers.
  • MediaTek FiLogic RZ600 Wi-Fi 6E M.2 module: If you look at the latest variants of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6 is the buzzword in the market and this Wi-Fi chipset actually aims to bring the same Wi-Fi 6 and even better 6E to most of the devices, including your laptops. So this could be a revolution in the gadget industry and can actually attract many gadget manufacturers.
  • MediaTek Pentonic 2000: Did you know that MediaTek is already the global leader in the market as far as smart TV chipsets are concerned? Well, most smart TVs across the world are powered by MediaTek and MediaTek aims to strengthen its hold further with the new Pentonic 2000 chipset that aims to power the latest 4K and 8K TVs.

These are the latest chipsets through which, MediaTek aims to conquer the smart gadget market across the world in the upcoming year. Besides these, the latest in the Kompanio series for the Chromebooks and Tablets and some very interesting MediaTek Dimensity series chipsets for smartphones are also scheduled to launch.

But can these smart chipsets for sophisticated gadgets really overpower the giants like Bionic from Apple and Exynos from Samsung? Can MediaTek really make its place in the US market?

Tell you what, MediaTek is already a part of the US gadget market and with time, I think it would only strengthen its position. For instance, if you look at the latest Samsung smartphones, many of them, like the most popular Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, used MediaTek Dimensity chipset and were loved by people.

In fact, many Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus are making a place in the pockets of people and most of these at low costs have MediaTek chipsets.

So MediaTek is nothing new to the US market and though it is not absolutely trusted by people, I think when the people know about the new chipsets from MediaTek and their amazing capabilities, they would definitely look to change their views about MediaTek.

Actually, most US citizens believe in quality products and they are ready to invest a few extra bucks in the aspect. However, what if quality occurs at a cheap cost? Well, this is quite possible because if you have been using Amazon smart speakers or any smart product from Amazon, you ought to know that it comes with a MediaTek chipset inside it. Shocking?

Well, many people find it hard to believe, but when they know that their smart home speakers have MediaTek chipsets, they actually start trusting MediaTek.

So on the bottom line, it’s not too hard for MediaTek to engrave its roots deeper in the US smartphone or smart gadget industry. And with the latest chipsets by the brand in distinct segments, I think they are capable of competing with any tech giant in the world. What do you think?



I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.

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Andrew Johnson

I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.