Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Smartphone to Toilet

Nowadays, people of all ages have adopted a new culture. Their toilet seat is one of their favorite places to scroll their social media feed and some people do not waste those minutes while they are dumping the waste of their bodies.

Their fingers keep on working and most often, that few minutes’ task turns close to an hour and many of them do not realize that at all.

Taking your smartphone to your toilet is one of the bad habits that individuals need to get rid of and this is because of the following reasons:

You Are Inviting Germs:

Your smartphone stays almost every minute in your hand while you are awake and if you take it with you in your washroom as well, you know how unsanitary it can become. You touch various things with the same hand, but you wash your hands after the task. Do you also wash your smartphone when you are out of the toilet? You never do.

You are Wasting Time:

As I already said, sitting on the toilet seat was usually a few minutes’ task previously. But with smartphones in your hand, you hardly realize when a lot of time goes away quickly and this time could have been invested in something else. Maybe you would finish your routine tasks earlier and do the same smartphone scrolling again in the leftover time, but working on a smartphone out of the toilet is a much better idea.

You are Ruining Your Body:

With smartphones in hand on a toilet seat, people normally incline forward and do not sit erect, as they should do. Most often, the smartphone stays very close to their eyes and their body stays in a posture that hurts the backbone later. However, you hardly realize this until you come across some issues.

You Are Avoiding Me-Time:

Even if for 10 or 15 minutes in a day, when sitting idle on a toilet seat, people used to think about themselves and their life. In this deliberation, they used to make some important plans and decisions. However, they hardly get this me-time now because their mind is never free even on a toilet seat. How often do you take time to think about yourself and your life?

So taking your smartphone to the washroom is a bad idea and though you do not realize this soon, you would do once you start facing issues in your life.

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