Why Should You Aim for MediaTek Dimensity 7020 Chipset?

Andrew Johnson
3 min readMay 24, 2023


Are you a tech geek? Then I am sure you are looking forward to Mediatek’s Dimensity 7020 chipset. This latest chipset from the MediaTek brand is designed to deliver smooth performance-ready smartphones to users. It promises to be an absolute paradise for gamers, due to the speed and display quality it offers. MediaTek claims it is India’s first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) company that worked with chipmakers on the recently released chipset. Such claims from the company inevitably increase the expectations of the users.

The chipset is the next thing that you should be looking at right now because it has been launched with some great features

Display — So, of course, the first two things any gamer will look for are the processor and the display. The chipset allows to employ of full HD+ displays with up to 120Hz in smartphones. The brands will have the opportunity to provide super refresh rate displays ensuring exalting power efficiency.

HyperEngine — The HyperEngine has an in-built 5G HSR mode that will help the phone connect to the cell tower in the fastest way. It has a super hotspot power saving which has a power backup for the longest time while using 5G internet.

Duel 5G support — The chipset will enable the smartphones to have double 5G sim support. The 5G CA is sure to surpass the average speed of the internet while the advanced 5G modem is there to deliver an ultra-efficient speed.

Camera and Video Resolution — The chipset allows 200MP resolution in the main camera with various hardware facilities and AI features that guarantee professional quality shoot from the phone. The 4K HDR resolution assists in resulting sharper, and radiant image quality.

Power-efficient Chip — The 6nm chipset is the ideal power-efficient chip, that gaming experts can look for for its super quick speed and efficient ability to execute premium-level performance. It also plays an important role in assisting brands in making slim and attractive smartphones.

Wifi 6 — The 2X2 MIMO and Wi-fi 6 give you faster access to the internet and that too with more reliability. The Bluetooth 5 and GNSS use lesser power than other chipsets but ensure to provide better quality internet surfing.

Speed — All the features collectively offer stunning speed to the phone, which promises a superb gaming experience, no matter how heavy the game you install on the phone. MediaTek Dimensity 7020 is part of its Diemnsity series, which is specially designed to power the better smartphones in the market with a 5G connection. This ensures that the users get an extra efficient 5G network.

If you are a game lover, this could be the best choice for you. The first phone that has been launched with this chipset is Lava 2 5G, which comes at a very economical price. Lava has a reputation for manufacturing coming-of-age, stylish, durable, and stylish phones. It is a 5G device as the name suggests and it makes sure 5G is an available network to even the people who don’t plan on buying high-budget phones.



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