Why Do Elephants Have Huge Ears?

When I was a kid, my mom used to scare me with this story. She said that if I do not finish all my food and eat all the green veggies, my ears would grow big like an elephant, and then I would have all sorts of problems.

And I was actually scared because I thought if I had bigger ears, it would be so easy for others to pull them. My friends would pull my ears, my teachers would do so and every person I meet would pull my ears. This fear of getting big ears stayed with me for too long and honestly, I could get rid of it only after I bid adieu to my school.

If you ask some philosophers about the significance of the big ears of elephants, they would have a very deep view. Some philosophers would say that the big ears of elephants signify deep hearing. This means, you may hear from many people around you, but it is important not to concentrate on everything around you. In fact, you need to filter out most things that you hear and speak only limited.

Away from all the philosophy, it is important to know that the ears of elephants are thermoregulatory parts. This means they are used to regulate the temperature of the huge body of the elephants and hence, elephants do not get into much trouble even when traveling in extreme heat.

The ears of the elephants actually have a lot of nerves and flow of blood. They not only regulate the temperature but also the flow of blood in the body.

But your ears will not grow like an elephant if you do not have your veggies or anything like that. Lol. I feel so stupid to believe things like that in my childhood.



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