Why COVID-19 is Wreaking Havoc in Some Countries

When the world considered the COVID-19 to be almost over, it is still wreaking havoc in some countries and is killing the people mercilessly. Countries like India are worst affected due to this and the second wave of this pandemic has literally shattered the lives of people.

Could you imagine seeing over 400,000 people getting infected in just a single day and over 4000 people dying in just a day? Well, this is quite scary and considering that no nation can have healthcare facilities to accommodate all the suffering people, the conditions were terrible during a period.

However, things are getting back on the track and while some countries are still suffering, others are almost free from the infections and people are even allowed to roam without masks.

China, from where this originated has declared itself free from virus and people are attending public programs in huge crowds without even having a mask on their face. Similarly, countries like Australia, New Zealand and several other nations have already declared themselves free from the virus. But what do you think is the major reason why a country like India is still struggling?

Well, as per the reports by various international news channels, people in India are least bothered about their health and many of them are not even ready to take vaccines. Yes, vaccinating such a huge country would take some time, but if you get your turn, you should get the vaccine securely to prevent the hazards.

Besides, people in countries such as India are quite careless as well. They hardly listen to the government guidelines and roam without masks and proper health security.

These are the people who get infected, they infect their family and then run to find hospitals, medicines and oxygen etc. This carelessness has costed several lives and not just in India but in several other countries. So, it is important to note that COVID-19 waves can make a comeback any time and if you are not vaccinated, it is important keep all the safety precautions. Just one infected person can really bring a huge setback to a country.



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