When Your Loved One is Facing Depression

  • Talk as much as you can to the depressed person but not about their reason for depression. The more they think about their reason for depression, the more they get depressed. Talk to them about the happy times in their life, the moments they love, the food they love to eat, the clothes they like, and everything that they are fond of. Such people tend to seclude themselves from others but the lonelier they are, the more depressed they tend to be. And talking to them could be a huge assistance.
  • While many people get extremely sad when they are depressed, many of them get extremely aggressive as well. And all this gloominess could be because they are confined in a gloomy space. Encourage them to move out of their house. Take them to a park where kids play. Take them to a cheerful place on a holiday. Take them to a library if they loved reading. That change in space makes a huge difference.
  • Depressed people tend to feel that they are all alone in the world, even if they are surrounded by people. They need words of comfort. So when talking to them, tell them that whatever happens, their family, their friends, and other people would always back them. They are not alone and would never be.
  • The biggest help to a married depressed person could be his or her life partner and if your spouse faces depression, it’s you who could do the best for him/her.
  • Sometimes, a person faces depression because of some other person in the family or friend circle. This is something bitter, but true. And it is important to keep that person away from the depressed person to ensure the depression could go away without renewing while watching the same person responsible for it.




I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.

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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.

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