When Life Pushes You 4 Steps Back

Believe it or not, setbacks are a part of the life of every living creature. And as a human being, you might find your life too hard because of these setbacks but is important to remember that when life pushes you 4 steps backs, it is to make you understand that you need to gain momentum and charge ahead with a great force for the next thousand steps.

There is a very small example of this. Why does an animal back a few steps when it is about to attack someone? You would have seen the lions and the tigers taking a few steps back. These steps in the backward direction are not because they are afraid of their prey, but because they want to gain momentum to attack in a manner that their target has no escape at all.

And this is what life is looking to teach human beings when it pushes them back.

When you try something new and you face setbacks in it, it’s not because you were not worthy of it. It’s just because you did not try it with the amount of heart and effort it needed and you need to push yourself back and attack it with much more strength.

There is another example in this aspect. If you use a bow and arrow, the arrow would not achieve long-distance unless it is stretched a few inches back on the bow. Similarly, you cannot throw a dart on a dartboard without taking it a few inches back in your hand.

In a similar way, when life pushes you a few steps back, it is to make you understand that you need to start again from the same place and get much better momentum in your run. If you sit at the same place where life pushed you without trying again, you would definitely fall back in competition against a person who is trying constantly.

Having all the resources is not really important. Having the wings or eagle and the strength of a tiger would never matter if you do not know how to make use of these resources.

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