Tricks to Get the Most out of Smart TVs

Smart TVs are quite smart, aren’t they? Well, as of now, most of the smart TVs are almost as sophisticated as smartphones and these can perform as many functions as well. However, most of the people would rarely do anything else that watching their favorite shows on various platforms, playing games, and listening to music, apart from watching the regular TV shows.

But just as many of the smart features of your smartphone go unexplored, the smart TVs too fall in the same category. There are some really good, unexplored features in your smart TV that you can dig out and use the device to its fullest. My friend has this Vizio smart TV powered by MediaTek and he taught me a bunch of good tricks that I would surely tell you in this:

Transferring Files to a TV:

Most of the smart TVs nowadays come with good RAM and ROM support and you can store any kind of file in them. But how do you transfer the file to your TV without a cable? It’s simple. You can use the Send File to TV application which can be downloaded from the app store. All you need to have is a common WiFi network and this SFTV app will work without any issues.

Data Saver Mode:

If you are short of data to watch your favorite shows, this feature could come in handy. With data saver mode, you can watch more online content using the same amount of data because this would end connectivity with all the other applications that might be using your data. Besides this, you can also enable alerts if the data reaches certain limits. This smart feature is really great for those who use mobile hotspots to stream content on Android TV.

Mirror Your Phone/Laptop Screen:

You do know the Chromecast feature in your smart TV, right? Well, you can use this to easily mirror your smartphone on the TV. This can be used to play videos, music, and display photos that are available locally on your smartphone right on your TV. This is actually a very simple processor and does not need any distinct pairing process or any additional hardware. All you need is an Android smartphone that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network and your smart TV should have the Chromecast feature.

Customized Home Screen:

This is something that many people need to know about. As soon as they open their TV, they see a home screen that contains a lot of applications that are absolutely not used by you. And you need to work hard in finding your favorite app, which might be lying in a far corner.

To do away with such issues, you can easily customize your home screen. To do this, and re-arrange things based on your preference, just press and hold the “OK” button in your TV remote while the app is highlighted.

Following this, you will find options such as “Move” for re-arranging the app order and “Remove from favorites” to remove the app from the home screen. In case you need more options, you can head to Settings -> Device Preferences -> Home screen. With this, you can customize specific channels and video previews as well.

So having a smart TV is definitely a boon and if you never tried such things in your smart TV, I think it is time to explore more. I think I have some more tips to offer, but I would throw them in the next post. Till then, try these out and do tell your experiences.

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