The New Dawn After COVID Ends

How would you react if one fine day, you wake up in the morning to find that COVID-19 has been completely overpowered by the world and while there are no new cases of the pandemics, there are no symptoms of it coming up again?

Well, this is like a dream come true because we have been waiting for such a morning for quite some time now. If you recall, how good the world was when there was no such terror of dying from an unknown virus that could come up to live in your body from anywhere. This was something that made you lose trust even in your family members when they went out. Isn’t it?

Well, such a disaster would not have taken place if human beings were a little more careful. Most people blame the Chinese for eating something that was not too good for them and to some extent, they were right. However, Mother Nature has its own way of handling things, and when the burden on the earth turns way too much, Nature comes to its rescue.

So while the COVID-19 may end sometime from now, it is important to take a huge lesson from this. Human beings are increasing more and more in number and so are their activities. However, with these activities, it is important to understand that the flora and the fauna on this earth too need to increase at the same pace. If it doesn’t, Nature would take an act of revenge and lessen the number of humans, just like it did during COVID-10 pandemics.

And remember! It took way too long to turn up with a vaccine for humans for just a small virus. What would happen if a number of such viruses spread their wings? Time to be utterly careful and watchful.



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Andrew Johnson

I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.