The Dangerous Art of Having a “Real” Vision

Ask people about their vision in life and most of them would tell you about having a lot of money, luxurious life, huge automobiles, and the best materialistic things one can imagine. However, this could better be known as your Aim in life and Aim is something very different than Vision.

Vision is usually defined as something that you wish to do with the help of the most available resources that you create something really unique according to your wishes or be known for something wonderful.

For instance, the vision of Elon Musk was to change the way the world is perceived by the world and so he started the change at a very small level, and now he is known for his futuristic approach. So, having a “real” vision means having something in mind that you would wish to work for every hour of the day and something that would force you to stay awake even at night all-willingly.

And believe me, a vision is not at all a vision if you are not ready to work for it. People would say that you need to dream big to grow big, but just having a big dream is not enough if you are not willing to work for it. Similarly, if your vision is not forcing you to have sleepless nights, it’s not a vision at all.

Generally, people want success at the first step of their endeavor. However, this does not normally happen. Nowadays, people are patient to try things again and again if they fail once, but still, 90 percent of the people abandon their dream if things do not work out in 4 or 5 times. And again, if you abandon your vision, it was not something that you intended at all in your life. It was just a moment of attraction towards something that offered results to other people.

And for having a strong vision, it is important not to get inspired by the results of the successful person but the hard work done by them.



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