Smarter Home with Amazon Echo Devices

Do you have an Amazon Echo Device at home? Well, I am not proud of this but I use an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen and this works really well. Of late, I think these Amazon Echo devices are becoming a prime needs of the households.

I mean just like smartphones replaced a number of products, I think these smart objects are capable of replacing smartphones to much an extent and some other objects such as your music system or stereo, etc.

No doubt, you got to learn some amazing techniques about Amazon Echo devices so that you can make better use of these products.

Some Smart Tricks:

You might be using many of these tricks with the smart Amazon Echo Devices and I thought let us have a roundup of what I and you are doing with these:

  • Calling Other Echo Devices:

So Amazon Echo devices have basically turned us back to the landline era but in a much smarter way. Now you just need to shoot an instruction saying, “Alexa, call Jason”, and Alexa would find out all the Jasons in your contact list and prompt you to select the one you need. It dials the number by itself and puts the call on speakerphone so that you can talk freely.

And if the person is not available to take your call, the echo device can be used to record your message and send it like a voicemail, just like the landlines.

  • Operate Smart Appliances:

If you have a smart home and smart home appliances, you would mostly use your voice command to operate them. Well, just like the smart devices, even these Echo devices from Amazon use MediaTek chipsets and this makes them really reliable in terms of promptness and rapidity.

Okay, so operating the smart lights in your home is a very common thing. I am sure many of us must be using the trick when you are too lazy to get up. Also, using the echo devices to operate your thermostat is also something that many of us do

However, have you got a smart oven and a smart washing machine in your home? Well, if you do not have these yet, you can surely buy them now and get ready to lazier and more spoilt than ever.

The smart oven can operate on your voice instructions and can heat up your coffee already kept in. Besides, the smart washing machine can use your voice to select the washing mode you desire and it can also select the amount of water needed.

But you do not need to go near them to offer instructions. Just connect them to your Amazon Echo device and the home network and you are good to go. However, you would need to use your limbs to fetch your coffee and tidy your clothes. There is no such technology for them.

Smarter Cooking:

It’s such an advantage to have Amazon Echo devices in your kitchen and if you have the one with a smart display, well, this is no less than gold. Of course, demanding a particular recipe is nothing new

If you like cooking, you can get smarter by looking at the video simultaneously while cooking or hearing the voice instructions about them while you cook.

Also, if you need any information, such as how to measure a teaspoon of sugar with a tablespoon or what is the cooking time of a particular meat variant, you can always demand it from Alexa.

In fact, Alexa also helps you set a timer so that you can allow a particular recipe to get cooked or simmer on a slow flame for exactly the required amount of time.

These are some of the major tricks that I use with my Amazon Echo Dot and now I am planning to buy the latest Amazon Echo Show because of some amazing new features it has. These Amazon devices are really handy and can make your life much easier.

However, do not forget to exercise daily because these devices can make you lazy as well.



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