Should Birthdays be Compulsory Holidays in Workplaces?

When we were small, birthdays were a big thing for us. And even now, they are a big thing for some people. However, most of us have lost interest for this day because the issues in life have suppressed our inner child.

In fact, those who are in jobs are not actually aware of their birthdays unless someone reminds them of them, for the sake of birthday treats or other things. In such a case, most employees from across the world appeal to get a compulsory holiday on their birthday and this should be a gift from their workplace.

Tell you what, when you are working, holidays seem to bring so much relief for you and this is something that you consider your right. However, while you can demand a leave on your birthday from your workplace, your employers have all the right to deny that leave.

But as far as my personal opinion is concerned, if your workplace celebrates your birthday, throws a small party for you and you get all the wishes from your colleagues, isn’t it better than having a leave?

Well, when you demand a leave on your birthday, you might wish to sleep the entire day in your room without getting disturbed or go out with your friends.

However, in order for your friends to go out with you, they would also need to apply for leaves from their workplaces and they make various excuses for it. Also, many of them back out of the plan because they could not get leaves.

Now if you spend your special day in your office or at your workplace and work harder than normal days, you would feel much more special about it. Plus, you would also get all the good wishes from people, those who even do not talk to you in your workplace. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to celebrate your birthday the entire day instead of lazing on your bed and spending the special day looking at your smartphone?

Honestly, I am never in favor of getting a holiday on my birthday, and tell you what, I am not an employer but a normal employee. I wish to spend this special day with lots of people, getting good wishes, eating good food and then meeting my old friends when the day is over. This is my idea of my special day. What do you think?



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