Never put Amazon Echo Devices at These Places

Amazon Echo devices are so sleek and slim. You would wish to keep a smart device at every corner of your home so that you can command Alexa and get your job done. And just for these needs, Amazon has created some small, but equally smart devices, such as the Amazon Echo flex that can be plugged into any corner of your house.

However, if you are fond of Amazon Echo Dots and Amazon Echo Show devices that come powered by MediaTek chipsets, you should beware not to keep them at just any place in your house. Yeah, no matter how private your home is and no matter how clean it tends to be, make sure you place your Amazon Echo devices in the right places only.

So here is a list of some of the spaces where you should not put your Amazon Echo devices:

Keep Echo Devices Away From Toilet:

While making their home smarter, people tend to install Amazon Echo devices at every place in their home and they do not leave even their toilets. But you already know that a bathroom is not a hygienic place to keep your Amazon Echo devices and hence, you must forbid keeping any such device in the space.

However, if it is necessary to keep these devices in a bathroom as well, you can place them at a substantial distance from the toilet seat. Besides, if possible, you can get a small Amazon Echo Flex and just plug it on the wall to keep it away from the toilet seat. Also, make sure that your Amazon Echo device is nowhere near the bathtub so that it does not enjoy a good swim with you.

Keep Echo Devices Away From Water and Fire:

Keeping an Amazon Echo device in the kitchen is quite common these days. Most moms and many dads, and even kids, like to use these Echo Show devices as guides to prepare some amazing recipes. Well, this new trend is catching pace with time. However, you already know that kitchen is a place where both fire and water meet to help you fill your belly.

And your Amazon Echo device is susceptible to dangers from both these things. This is why you should keep your Amazon Echo devices away from fire and hot objects such as hot pans etc. Besides, keep it away from the kitchen sink because even an occasional splash on the device can be dangerous. Make sure it is kept on a secure platform.

Keep Echo Devices Away From Windows:

It’s quite common to keep Amazon Echo devices near a window. Actually, windows have a kind of platform and these objects suit the place quite well. However, even if the window stays locked, keeping an Amazon Echo device near a window is not safe at all.

Someone can take advantage from outside even a locked window and can order something without a piece of information to you, especially if the money gets automatically deducted from your Amazon Pay balance.

These people stay just outside your home to collect the order and also keep track of the delivery person.

So make sure you do not put your Amazon Echo devices near a window so that your account and money stay safe. Even if you are traveling with your Amazon Echo devices, make sure it is kept away from the car window. Even if it doesn’t get stolen, it can be used to breach your personal security.

These are some of the places that you should never keep your Amazon Echo device on because while it can hurt your device, it can hurt you as well. What are your views on this?



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