Moments when Joey was More Than Intelligent

Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr. or Joey is one of the most famous fictional characters on this earth and it is still the favorite of many people. I know there are die-hard FRIENDS fans out there and just like me, many of them consider Joey kiddish, dumb, always hungry for food and one-night stands. However, many times in the show, Joey was quite intelligent as well and handled the situation quite well.

The One with Family Inspector:

If you remember the time when Monica and Chandler welcomed the family inspector before they were about to have a baby, this was something that saved the couple. Though the trouble was started by Joey in the first place, the way he handled the inspector and proved her guilty in spite of not being her fault was just marvelous. No doubt, even the dumbest persons can turn intelligent when their FRIENDS need them.

The One Where He Proposed Phoebe and Rachel:

“It’s a scary world out there…”, I hope you remember these lines which were said like a pro actor to both Phoebe and Rachel when he came to know that they were pregnant and the father of the kid was unknown. He had such a concern for the mother and the child and this makes him really amazing. While Rachel rejected him, Phoebe was convinced, though on seeing the ring. But you can always get how warm and affectionate he was in the show and how much he cared for his friends.

So dumb and stupid and hungry he might sound, Joey was very intelligent at times.



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I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.