Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 vs Lenovo P11 Plus: The Real Gamer

Even if the stats might not suggest the same, Lenovo tabs are something very popular in the current tablet market across the world and Lenovo has established its own sweet niche in the market.

Recently, Lenovo launched lots of series of tablets that include Lenovo P series, Lenovo M series, Lenovo K series, and Lenovo Yoga series of tablets that have been launched all across the world. And many tablets in these series are gaming tablets in particular, with specific gaming chipsets from different brands.

Out of these, the two most competitive devices are Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 and Lenovo Tab P11 Plus which contain some similar features and exactly the same Mediatek Helio G90T gaming processor.

Let us compare these tablets in terms of their specifications and find out more about them:


Both the smart tablets from Lenovo have an interesting display. There are some similarities in the display as well, such as both Lenovo Tab P11 Plus and Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 contain 11-inch IPS LCD display that comes with 1200 x 2000 pixels of display resolution and there are similar 400nits of brightness as well.

However, the screen-to-body ratio is different in both the devices, where it is about 79.4% in Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 and 81.8% in Lenovo Tab P11 Plus. Besides, Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 also supports Dolby Vision which is absent in the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus.

Chipset and OS:

If you look at just this feature, you would consider them twin brothers. Both Lenovo Tab P11 Plus and Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 are powered by a MediaTek Helio G90T octa-core gaming processor that is clocked at 2.05GHz and both of them contain Android 11 support as well.

Even though this is a smartphone chipset that works really well, Lenovo has used this in tablets, and now it is a tablet chipset as well.

RAM and ROM:

There are some similarities between the 2 tablets where RAM and ROM are concerned, but there are lots of differences as well. For instance, both the tabs come with a variant that contains 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

However, talking about the highest specs, while Lenovo Tab P11 Plus has a max of 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 has as much as 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage.


The camera specs of both the tablets are similar, but different as well. Both these tablets contain a similar 8MP front camera which is really good for video calls and selfies. However, as far as the rear camera is concerned, while Lenovo Tab P11 Plus contains a 13MP front camera, Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 contains an 8MP front camera.

Connectivity Specs:

The connectivity specs of both these Lenovo tabs are also similar but while Lenovo Tab P11 Plus can support up to Bluetooth 5.1 and FM Radio as well, Lenovo Yoga tab 11 supports up to Bluetooth 5.0 and does not support FM Radio.

Battery Power:

The max battery power is also similar in both these Lenovo devices where they contain a 7700mAH battery and they also contain a similar 20W fast charging support as well. However, Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 supports MediaTek Delivery 2.0 support which enhances the charging performance while Lenovo Tab P11 Plus lacks this feature.

These were some of the differences between the two devices and you would have seen that even with some similar specs, both of them are quite different. Talking about their price, the average cost of Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 is slightly more than the cost of Lenovo Tab P11 Plus for similar specs because it is supposed to contain better features and better quality.

So which one of these smart gaming tablets between Lenovo Tab P11 Plus and Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 do you think is the better option for the buyers with the features they contain?

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