Latest Amazon Echo Features For Users

If you are using Amazon Echo devices in your home, you must have already read a wide variety of articles telling you about the various characteristics and features of these devices that can help you get a great experience.

In fact, these MediaTek-powered Echo devices have actually evolved quite a bit and the latest features in these smart devices with Alexa support are just amazing. You would have read my previous blogs as well where I mentioned a lot of features of these Echo devices that make them worthy of the cost they take.

And here, I have collected a few more features of these devices that would definitely increase the respect they have in your eyes. Here are some of the newest features of Amazon Echo devices for you to try out:

Talking to Disney Devices:

Did you ever try to talk to your favorite Disney character; Mickey Mouse or a Disney Princess perhaps? Well, now is the time to be a chatterbox and get going with your favorite Disney character because Amazon Echo devices have brought this feature for you.

Amazon has now partnered with Disney to offer a special voice assistant to Echo devices. Just by saying, “Hey, Disney”, you will soon unlock a whole new world of related content. The feature makes use of Amazon’s new Amazon Custom Assistant program for third parties.

If you’re using this Disney feature at home, it will offer some interactive games, stories, jokes, and sing-alongs that are tied into special characters with their voices from popular Disney films. The feature has not exactly been unlocked currently but will arrive very soon to most of the Amazon Echo devices.

Personalized Visual ID:

If you think the concept of visual IDs is quite old and there is nothing new to enhance your experience, think again. And when you bring the Amazon Echo devices into the picture, the changes are all the more exhilarating.

Amazon has now announced Visual ID, a facial recognition feature that is designed to identify you whenever you’re in front of an Echo Show camera. Due to this, Alexa can deliver personalized content and as of now, it is available on devices such as the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen), Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), and Echo Show 15.

With the help of the AZ2 chip on the Echo Show 15, you can process computer vision and it does that locally on the device without sending any data to the cloud. However, do not think that your Echo devices are spying on you. Visual ID is optional and turned off by default. You’ll have to opt-in and enroll your facial profile to use the feature. This profile won’t be sent to any other devices as per the brand.

So it’s definitely a good feature for the device because you can get a personalized experience with your Echo device whenever you are looking to opt for some content.

Personalized Audio Experience:

Amazon’s Alexa is stunning much more sophisticated with time and let me tell you that you can make it much better with some paid features offered by the Echo devices.

Alexa Guard is a feature in the Echo devices that can listen for sounds like glass breaking or smoke alarm going off and collect info about smart lights to make it appear as though someone is home. Amazon is soon adding Custom Sounds feature to Echo devices, which would be absolutely independent of Alexa Guard or the paid Alexa Guard Plus. Alexa will learn a specific sound and what to do with it when it’s detected. The feature will be available next year.

So if it’s your baby crying or someone breaking the glass of your window or someone trying to sneak into your home, this device would take care of it and keep offering you all the updates.

So these are the most recent smart features in the Amazon Echo devices that can help you get the best assistance with Echo devices and you can use them to the fullest of their capability. What do you think?

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