How Often Do Your Kids Eat Home Food?

Does this question sound a bit weird? How often do my kids eat home food? Most of you would say they do most often. However, what I really meant is, do they eat the home food cooked by you or packed and processed food that has been bought from stores?

In the current age, when the parents seem to be quite busy, feeding their kids with readymade food seems quite an easy task, whether it’s the morning cereals mixed with milk, pancake mixes available in the market, portions or completely cooked and packed fast foods like pizzas and burgers and even unnatural fruit juices instead of real ones.

Even if your kids are eating these food products at home, these are not called home foods. Even those cookies and candies that you pick from stores are not a form of home cooked food.

So in order for your kids to stay healthy in the long term, it is important to cook for them in your home using the rawest-raw materials that you can get. Instead of getting frozen veggies that have been pre-boiled, pick fresh vegetables from the market and they would taste much better than the frozen ones.

If your children love chicken and other meat products, ordering the eatables from a food joint is not a solution at home. Pick fresh, raw chicken and prepare it at home using natural spices and seasonings. Not only would it be healthier for the kids, it would also be better in taste.

Morning cereals, bread and cookies are good with the milk, but if you could prepare the bread and the cookies at home using the home ingredients, it would be a much better thing for the kids.

Remember, it’s very easy for you to shop all the things for stores and set them on the dining table for your kids. But this is not what eating at home really means.