How MediaTek SoCs Assist Smartphone Photography

Andrew Johnson
3 min readJul 20, 2023

How often do you reject smartphones because they do not have a good camera setup? More often than not.

If you are particularly an Android smartphone lover, cameras in the smartphone are an essential aspect, and the quality of the cameras in your smartphone can make or break the deal.

While Qualcomm Snapdragon chips were known to provide great smartphone multimedia experiences in the past, I think MediaTek has now occupied the driver’s seat and the devices with MediaTek chips are now delivering much better than what Snapdragon used to offer in the past.

But what has made MediaTek chips such a good platform to host a myriad of smartphone photography features? Well, the arrival of MediaTek Imagiq for smartphone cameras has actually assisted camera lovers quite a bit.

Let us look at the major features of the MediaTek Imagiq for smartphone cameras to know why these chips attract photography enthusiasts quite a bit:

MediaTek HDR Photography and Videography:

You can expect really powerful HDR photography and videography with staggered HDR technology that works by coupling dedicated HDR engines to ISP groups. This enables smartphones to capture a trio of exposure in every frame.

Besides, the feature enables up to 9Gbps of data throughput and this enables up to 3 cameras to record HDR videos simultaneously. You can even get end-to-end HDR photography and videography support through these chips.

MediaTek AI Camera Features:

AI is driving the world these days and many smartphone camera apps are working just because of Artificial Intelligence. What if these AI features are already integrated into your smartphone camera?

Because of MediaTek AI-camera integration, you can get much faster and more accurate focus, exposure, white balance, HDR captures, and noise reduction features.

Besides, the AI features in the device include AI-HDR, Motion Unblur, Auto White Balance, Zero lag AI-shutter, AI-Auto Exposure, And AI-Auto focus as well.

EIS and Lossless Zoom:

MediaTek Imagiq offers in-built EIS or Electronic Image Stabilization which offers automatic and accurate corrections for lens distortion and other transformations when you record videos. With the use of dedicated hardware, this can help you save your smartphone battery as well.

Also, you get up to 10x lossless zoom on your smartphones which offers the devices extra zoom cameras without taking extra hardware space, costs, and power.

In a Nutshell:

MediaTek Imagiq offers really good camera support for smartphones and you get features such as multi-frame 4K HDR video, video Bokeh with real-time Live View and recording, action camera type EIS feature, Zero Latency, Hardware warping engine, and multi-scale Noise Reduction feature.

No wonder, all these new features offered by MediaTek Imagiq in smartphones are really cool and if you are a photography enthusiast who understands these elements well enough, you can definitely understand the power that these smartphones contain in terms of their camera.

So getting the best photos and videos on your smartphone is not too difficult when you have MediaTek chips in it.

What’s your view of the photography features offered by MediaTek chips?



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