Google vs Amazon 2022: The Pioneer of Smart Speakers

It won’t be an appropriate question to ask in the current era when the 21st year of the 21st century is bidding adieu and the 22nd is knocking on the doors. However, do you use a smart speaker?

Well, the smart speakers are so affordable and so easy to get that these are owned by almost all households across the world and even if you do not operate your smart home using these speakers, they might be suitable for entertainment purposes.

And most people across the world use a smart speaker from either Amazon or Google, and more specifically, you might use a Google Home device or an Amazon Echo device. Well, there are many other options from brands such as Apple as well, but 90 percent of the smart speaker users employ one from either Google or Amazon.

And if you ever say it generally in public that you use a smart speaker, the first question that is asked is, whether you are on Google’s side or belong to the tent of Amazon. I have been asked this question several times.

What smart speaker do you use at home? Please mention it in the comment section.

In 2021, the rivalry between Amazon and Google in terms of smart speakers saw some new heights and both brands launched some interesting products. But honestly, I am slightly more inclined towards the Amazon Echo smart speakers or Alexa devices with MediaTek processors.

After using a lot of these devices, I have come to the conclusion that while Amazon Echo smart speakers are seeing a lot of innovation with the passing time, Google smart speakers are really not catching up with the pace that is needed in the current generation.

For example, I tried the whisper mode on 2 different devices from Amazon Echo and Google Home. First, it was an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen that I tried this trick on at night and it worked wonderfully well. When I whispered a request to Alexa, it responded in the same style and even when my voice was quite low, it was able to make out what I requested.

As far as Google Assistant in Google Home Mini device is concerned, she had a very hard time listening to my requests in the whisper mode. I kept on speaking and speaking and she was not able to hear anything till I spoke in my main voice. This was the first bad experience I had with the Google Home device.

Next, Google has still kept everything locked for premium users. You might know that all the requests that you make to Google Assistant in terms of music are played from YouTube and if you do not have a premium subscription, not many of the songs would be played. Instead, Google Assistant offers an option that you could hear a different song which is quite weird.

I once requested a song and Google Assistant played something in some other language that was too hard to recognize. This is why I am not in favor of Google Home devices because they gave me a hard time talking to them.

Against this, now I have a couple of Amazon Echo devices and both of them are quite useful. Not just for entertainment but they serve several other functions and you can connect your smart gadgets to them for controlling them through voice.

As far as the audio quality of the smart speakers is concerned, the Google Home devices definitely have an edge. The songs played on Google Home devices sound way more soothing with rich quality. However, Amazon Echo devices obey your instructions in a much better way and this is why I find them way better for my home rather than Google devices.

What’s your take on this?