Future of Amazon Echo Devices

Let us begin this with a question? What impact do Echo devices have in your life? Have they changed the way you have been living in the past, when Alexa was still not a part of your home, and the way you live when Alexa is a part of your family?

Well, there have been a lot of changes from the past and while Alexa has turned much more intelligent now, people too have become a lot more dependent. For instance, there would be many of you who depend on reminders from their Echo devices for every task in the day. These Mediatek-powered Echo Devices would wake them in the morning, remind them about their morning tea, their yoga sessions, when to drop their kids to school and when to pick them up.

Besides, the audio calls, the video calls, the Netflix and other platforms too are all carried out on Echo devices.

And I am really worried because these Echo devices have actually made people a lot lazier in the name of convenience. Do you shout to Alexa from your bed to switch on and off the lights? Do you too have Echo devices installed in every corner of your house? Well, such people have no right to say that Amazon is mishandling their privacy.

But let us talk about the future of these Echo devices. As of now, Alexa is sophisticated enough with three major senses similar to human beings (and a little bit of the 4th sense as well). These Echo devices can clearly listen to what you say which means they have the hearing sense, they can speak in almost all the languages you want which means they have the speaking sense as well.

And moving forward, these Echo devices have eyes as well in the form of front camera. They can see you and all that you want them to see, which means they have the viewing sense as well. Besides, some of these Echo devices are touch sensitive as well and can respond in various ways when you touch them. Although, this sense organ is not fully developed as of now.

However, we could presume that soon, these Mediatek-powered Echo devices would have all the 5 senses like human beings, and they would be able to detect smells as well to send alarms for fire etc. This could be one of the future aspects of Echo devices from Amazon.

Besides, while the future is concerned, Amazon may soon bring smart wearable Echo devices like smartwatches. These smart Echo Watches would easily get connected with the Echo devices in your home via internet and you can easily control all your home gadgets and other appliances from anywhere.

Now too, you can install a small Amazon Echo Flex on every corner of your home and command Alexa to deliver all the information your need. However, this is still in your home and people may soon need something to keep track of their home while they are away. A device like Amazon Echo Show 10 is a great option, but something that they can wear and operate without taking their smartphone out would be a really good option.

This is about one of the smallest Echo device that may occur in the future. And how about a life-size, TV like Amazon Echo device? Well, even when a device like Amazon Echo Show 10 is good enough to deliver almost all the content you want, there could soon be an Amazon Echo TV that would be completely operated by voice instructions and hardly any help needed from the remote. You can do video calls, watch Netflix and even make it a huge photo frame for your walls.

No doubt, anything is possible with these smart Echo devices that tend to be so sophisticated.



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