Future of Afghanistan with Taliban in Power

Did you hear about the airport blasts in Kabul? Well, this is just the start of the destruction that Afghanistan is about to see in some days and while the lives of all the people in the country are at stake, it’s not that the world is completely safe from them.

What do you think the future holds for a huge country like Afghanistan when a terrorist organization like the Taliban is in power? They follow no rules at all, they kill whosoever they want, they snatch the freedom of the women, and literally, no one in the country is safe enough, not even the Taliban itself, because even ISIS is trying to get in power with such attacks.

So it’s very obvious that Afghanistan is heading towards a dark future that would eat up the kids of the people of the residents and instead of doing something in the field of technology and science or art or literature, these kids would be handed the guns and asked to kill other people. If you look at the bigger picture in some years, this would be extremely scary and now that this has happened in the world, literally, no one can say a word about the peace organizations that were established as United Nations.

Taliban has murdered humanity and is trying to enforce the religious laws all ends up. They have literally snatched all the rights of the women and just as I already said, there is nothing but darkness in the future for the Afghans. The country that used to ship sweet dry fruits and other products throughout the world would now ship only terrorists to convert the entire world into a dark space. Be scared people, be very scared.

If not done something now, it would be too, too late.

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