Funny Facts about FRIENDS TV Show

  • Monica (Courtney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) were only supposed to get together briefly before she was slated to end up with Joey (Matthew LeBlanc). But when Monica and Chandler did get together on screen, viewers had such an enthusiastic response to the pairing that the Joey and Monica plotline was discarded.
  • Rachel or Jennifer Aniston was the last of the six main cast members to be added onto the series. Unsure of her longevity on the show, she said she was asked to sit out of the main cast photos for the majority of the shoot because producers did not know if she would stay on as Rachel. But she did win an Emmy for her performance as Rachel Green.
  • The famous episode “The One Where No One’s Ready” is filmed entirely in Monica’s apartment as the friends struggle to make it out the door to Ross’ museum function. However, the producers revealed that the episode was restricted to Monica’s apartment due to budget cuts. They couldn’t afford multiple filming locations.
  • Despite getting big names like Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, and Julia Roberts to guest-star on the show, Kauffman and Crane still regret the fact that they couldn’t find a way to fit Justin Timberlake into “Friends.” Justin was really eager to be a part of the show at that period.
  • During payment negotiations for the third season of “Friends,” the six stars worked as a team to get equal pay to the tune of a reported $75,000 per episode. By the end of the series, they reportedly each earned $1 million per episode.



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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.