Do You Find it Difficult To Wake Up in the Morning?

To be very honest, in the current generation, if people do not have to go to work at a fixed time period, they and their family members would keep on sleeping till they are absolutely satisfied that they could not sleep more.

In fact, they would still not leave the bed unless their stomach rats jump out of their mouth. Waking up in the morning is perhaps one of the toughest tasks for people in this generation and even though your parents would wake up early every morning and would tell you to do the same, more than the parental advice, it’s your work, your spouse’s work or your kids’ education that forces you to wake up at a particular time.

And another important fact is, even if you stay awake till 4 AM in the morning, it would not be a tough task with your smartphone in hand. However, if you have to wake up at even 7 AM, it sounds really tough. What is the reason for this?

Well, waking up early in the morning is really tough for those who have the habit of sleeping late at night. With smartphones in hand, people these days normally sleep at around midnight and you cannot expect such people to wake up early in the morning. And the later you sleep, you would get up later in the morning. Some people even get up at 1 PM in the afternoon on a holiday and after a hours, they are ready to sleep again.

So if you wish to get up early in the morning, you need to put your smartphone to rest and sleep early. You can try something new. Try sleeping at 10 PM at night. At first, it sounds difficult and you would stay awake till your natural sleeping time. However, do not get up and try to stay in the bed with your eyes closed.

It may take a few nights but after some time, your natural sleep cycle would change and you would start sleeping at getting up early in the morning for more important works in your life. Most importantly, if you are looking to sleep by 10, you should switch off your smartphone and keep it away at the most by 9:30 PM.

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