Do You Fear Ghosts or Real People?

Andrew Johnson
2 min readMay 9, 2022

Some people are highly scared of ghosts. They cannot watch horror movies in spite of knowing well enough that those are actors with some makeup and they are acting to scare you. And yet people get scared. It’s very common that people do not get up at night to pee, no matter how hard they wish to, just because they fear ghosts.

Even I was such a person who was scared of the ghosts way too much. In fact, I was the kind of person who would not get up to pee at night, no matter what time I woke up because of nature’s call. I used to control it, stay awake with my eyes closed, and wait for the morning so that someone would get up and I could go to pee without any fear.

Fear of ghosts is very common in people and people who are scared of ghosts of dark cannot be helped by anyone or anything. But then something happened in my life and it changed my way of looking at things. I am mentioning this here because maybe, it may help you out as well.

So one day, a relative was talking to me and asked if I was scared of ghosts. I told him I am scared of ghosts. And what followed this was life changing. He told me not to fear ghosts because ghosts are made up of only 3 elements of nature — Air, Fire, and Sky. And at all I had to get scared of someone, it should be the human beings who are made up of all the 5 elements of nature — Air, Water, Earth, Sky and Fire.

So technically, alive human beings are much superior because they have 5 elements as compared to the spirits which have only 3 of them.

He told me that the harm which alive human beings can do to us is way more than any ghost or spirit can do.

And this point changed my life, my perception, my view, and even my fears. Now I stay all alone, keep sitting in the dark with no one around, keep watching scary movies at night, keep roaming on dark pathways which are safe for the humans, and still do not get scared of any ghosts etc. This is because now I know that I am superior to the ghosts and the real harm to humans is done by humans and not the ghosts.

It’s not that ghosts and paranormal elements do not exist at all. They do exist, but if you do not think about them and do not try to cross their way, they are harmless.



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