Difference Between Literate and Educated People

They say, education is the birthright of every human being and they are absolutely right. Every kid, and why just kids, every human being needs to be educated and this is one of the most essential things in their life. However, people take the meaning of the word “education” so wrong and confuse it with taking a lot of degrees from renowned colleges. Well, it is often used in this regard, but the correct word for a person with a lot of knowledge and degrees would be a “literate” person and not an “educated” person.

There is a slight difference between education and literacy and you need to know it well. Literacy is the process of attaining knowledge from various books, attaining credentials that help you in earning money by getting a job or through a business.

Against this, education is the knowledge of doing the right thing at the right time, even when your literacy does not agree with it. And this is hard to understand but I would still try.

When you are literate, you have a lot of knowledge about various aspects of life. For instance, literacy would teach you how to do charity and you would do it by lending money or stuff to people who need it. You can even lend people a lot of other things and consider your work done. However, education helps in teaching you how to make the life of people better, not just by lending them money or other useful stuff, but by helping them with what they need.

The money or stuff that you lend would end in some days, but if you help them recognize their talent and get them a job, this would be a lot of help for them securing their future as well. Similarly, literacy would teach you to helps the kids with money so that they can get literate and education would teach you to help the kids get in every way they wish to get literate.

The difference between them is very minor but not too difficult to understand. Literacy makes you a learned person, education makes you a good human being.

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