Did Smart Home Make Your Life Easier?

Andrew Johnson
3 min readJan 24, 2022


In the current technological age, smart homes are like a desire for people, and not only because they look so good, they are actually pretty efficient to work just by your voice instructions. I mean if you saw the cartoon Richie Rich in your childhood, you would have always desired to have that big home and that robotic helper of Richie that did whatever he said.

Well, this is all absolutely possible at the current age and you can have a robot that can fulfill your needs. However, a smart home is a totally different concept. You just need to use your voice instructions to get things done and this is all managed by Virtual Assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant Siri, etc. based on the brands you prefer.

Most people these days have a nag to buy a powerful Amazon Echo device with a Mediatek chipset and this can connect all the Alexa-based devices in your home to operate them just with the voice instructions.

For instance, if you wish to watch TV, you do not need to touch the remote now. Just shoot a common to the virtual assistant and the TV would get switched on. It will tune in the channel as per your demand, fast forward the channel, and even increase or reduce the volume on your demand. All this happens just with the help of voice instructions.

And this is not all that you can do. You can operate all the lights of your home with voice instructions, the smart appliances such as ACs, thermostats, and microwaves would work on your voice instructions, you can operate your webcam using the voice instruction and even if you are not at home, these products can be operated using the smartphone applications.

And with the brands that deliver these, you need to thank the smart processor providers like Mediatek as well that remains in the heart of these devices and help the devices in their operations.

However, the real question here is, just as a real human being can help you do all these things and even a remote can be pretty much instructed to do many of these things, how well will the smart home devices operate in your home? Also, do they make your life as easy as you expect?

Well, as per my personal opinion, smart home devices have made at least some things easier for people. For instance, if you are scared of getting up at night in the dark, now you can just shoot commands to Alexa and switch on or off the lights. You can adjust the thermostat temperature with your voice instructions when you are hot or cold and even the smart appliances can be managed from anywhere when you are not at home.

However, did your daily activities take a hit when you use these devices to make your life easier? Are you not even moving to take your coffee or tea if the smart oven heated it for you? Time to think about this and have a better lifestyle.

These smart devices and smart homes are meant to make your life easy, not to make you lazy. Do understand the difference.



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