Blackview Tab 10 Pro: A User Review

Andrew Johnson
3 min readApr 23, 2022

A few days back, I wrote an article about the specifications of Blackview Tab 10 Pro and I hope you must have read it. Well, this is a really interesting device for budget buyers and I think it has some interesting features. But when you look at the features of the device on paper, what do you think about the real-life performances of the device?

Well, it is interesting to note that Blackview Tab 10 Pro has really good real-life performance as well, and here is my review of the device for the features that I like the most:

Review of Blackview Tab 10 Pro:

Let’s take the most important features of the device one by one and know the exact performance of the device:

BV Pencil Support:

The very first thing people view when they hold this tablet is the BV Pencil and that’s what I saw first, at least. The stylus support with the device is just superb and it’s really comfortable to hold. And you get to perform tasks like noting things and carrying away notes etc. pretty easily. You can draw, you can doodle, you can design and you can do all sorts of different things using the BV Pencil support and it’s really comfortable.

Slim Body Support:

Blackview Tab 10 Pro has a really good design and the 8.8mm slim unibody design makes it so easy to hold. It comes with an aluminum alloy back cover and has a matte finish as well. Besides, it comes with a weight of just about 600g and is very comfortable to hold. No doubt, this is a wonderful option and very comfortable even when you are holding it in your hands.

Display Support:

The device contains a powerful 10.1-inch full HD+ display and the picture quality of the device is really good. However, the bezels around the display are a bit thicker than one would have expected. At this point in time, we need to have tablets with as narrow bezels as possible, and it would be much better if we do not have bezels at all. What do you think?

The MediaTek Processor:

If you read my previous article, you would have known that Blackview Tab 10 Pro contains a MediaTek MT8788V tablet and this is something really cool because it offers amazing performance. The smart Mediatek tablet is capable of running multiple apps together and it switches them at the best rates of responsiveness. The processor makes the performance quite fluidic and even the data computing and image processing speed of the device are really good because of this chipset.

RAM and ROM:

One of the best advantages of Blackview Tab 10 Pro is its huge RAM and ROM support. It comes with a powerful 8GB RAM support that can help you perform multitasking quite easily and it also comes with a huge 128GB internal storage which you can use to store a lot of data on your device. Besides, the internal storage is expandable to about 1TB via a microSD card. So you can use this tablet for your gaming needs as well.

Battery Backup and Charging:

The smartphone contains a really good battery backup and this is due to its 6580mAH battery that lasts a decent amount of time. It also contains a powerful 30W fast charging support which is also something really wonderful and charges your smart tablet really quickly.

So these were some of the major features of Blackview Tab 10 Pro that I really like and honestly, this smart tablet is really good for all kinds of purposes, whether gaming, official video calls and others. And Blackview is definitely making a lot of impression with these smart devices. What do you think?



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