Between 20 and 30: A Weird Stage of Life

If you already turned 30 or are in your 20s, you would have experienced that the age between 20 and 30 is quite a weird one. This is the stage when a lot of transitions take place in human life. People complete their education and start earning which is a new phase in their life.

Most people also get married at this stage and they start a family of their own. If they were under the supervision of their family in their early 20s, most of them turn into parents themselves and start supervising their kids. So life between 20 and 30 is a huge transition, where a person takes a step forward and enters into the next generation from one.

What changes do you think people experience at this stage?

Well, in these 10 years, people face a lot of difficulties and they learn a lot of lessons as well. However, I must say that these 10 years are the years when you need to put in the best efforts of your life and if you put in enough labor, the next stages of your life become easier.

In the early 20s, people are still pursuing their education. In a couple of years, they get a degree and start hunting for jobs or think about starting a business. Many people like to continue their education as well until they get something concrete.

But most people enter a job, they start earning money and paying bills. Next, they find some good and get married to the person. By the end of their 20s and in their early 30s, people become parents themselves. In just these 10 years, people face a lot of situations. They tend to enjoy themselves a lot and they definitely make great plans for their future.

However, not many of them actually understand the value of these years. Although you need to enjoy a lot in these years, you also need to make sure that you learn habits such as saving money and investing money. Spending money is good, but only when you have saved enough so that you can mitigate a huge emergency without even asking for help from someone close to you.

Besides, these are the years when you need to work on your skills as well. Nobody is a pro at his or her position in their 20s. This is actually a stage where you are still learning, even if you are sitting in a good position in your work.

So the age between 20 and 30 is something that teaches people a lot and in the hardest ways. However, if people tend to learn all the lessons well, they do really well in the future. Do you wish to share any such experience you got at this age?



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