Best Uses of Amazon Echo Show 10

Andrew Johnson
3 min readApr 10, 2021


Do you use the smart Amazon Echo Devices in your home? I am sure a lot of us do. These are not the luxury products that would enhance your status. In fact, they have now become a necessity in the house and perform various functions as desired by the homeowners.

Talking about Echo devices, Amazon Echo Show 10 is one of the best devices ever produced by any brand. This MediaTek-powered Echo device has some really exquisite features that make it so good for the users. And this is not too costly at all. In fact, with the kind of features it has, it holds way more value than the cost it takes. So here I have compiled some of the best uses of Amazon Echo Show 10 which would make it a really effective product:

Video Calls:

Well, this goes without saying and the best feature of Amazon Echo Show 10 is its rotating head that is just perfect for making video calls while doing your work as well. Yes, you do not have to sit stable at one place to do any form of video call. You can keep walking around the room, doing your daily job, and yet be in the center of the frame.

Amazon Echo Show 10 has sensors that sense the movement of the people in the video call and rotates its head accordingly. It can also pan and zoom so that even if you move front and back, you would still stay in the frame.

However, if you do not wish to be tracked, there is a button to shut down the movement of the display head and you can even shut down the camera if you need.

Home Security:

Most people install video cameras in their homes to keep their homes secure. And this Amazon Echo Show 10 would serve the same function except for the fact that it can rotate its head and help you look in every direction.

You just need to place this device in a corner of a room and get all the footage on your smartphone. It can help you keep a close watch on your pets and even on your babies. Plus, it can also act as a security camera when nobody’s there in the house. Also, with the help of the latest advancements, you can get an alarm when someone is trying to enter your home.

Netflix and More:

In a manner, Amazon Echo Show 10 can replace your smartphone as well and this is a huge compliment for something considering that a smartphone is an object that has replaced a number of things in your life.

Nowadays, almost all the Echo Show devices support Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all sorts of online platforms to help you catch up with your favorite shows. No doubt, you do not have to hold your smartphone in your hand to watch these shows. Just place the object on the table and enjoy the streaming.

Another job of smartphones that Amazon Echo Show 10 has stolen is the morning alarm. You just need to use your voice and this MediaTek-powered product is sophisticated enough to set a morning alarm and offer you reminders whenever you need them.

Digital Photo Frame:

You would have surely installed a lot of photo frames at home with pictures of your family members being neatly displayed. Many people also make use of digital photo frames in their houses.

This Amazon Echo Show 10 is also like a digital photo frame. You can choose your pictures to be displayed and set them as a screensaver on the device. This would then display your favorite pictures and be the most beautiful photo frame you have ever seen.

These are some of the best uses of the most sophisticated Amazon Echo Show 10 that is the favorite of most Echo device lovers across the world. Do you have any more amazing uses of the devices? Make sure to mention them in the comment section.



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