Are You Still Scared of Smart Speakers?

There was a period when smart speakers such as Amazon Echo Devices and Google Home devices were a rage and were being sold like hot cakes across the world. This was just the start of this technology and people were really keen to offer instructions to virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, to know how exactly they follow the commands.

And when these Amazon Echo speakers were comfortably a part of a lot of smart homes across the world, there arrived rumors of these smart Echo devices invading the privacy of people.

Well, even you would have heard rumors such as Amazon Echo devices like Echo Dot and Echo Show recording your family chats and sending it to Amazon headquarters where Amazon sells it to other vendors who need data, and in return, the brand gets the money.

Well, Amazon is such a reputed brand in the world and these Amazon Echo devices with smart Mediatek chipsets were actually meant to make your life easier, not peek into your family matters and tell your private tales to people across the world. So if you are still scared of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo devices, Google Home products, or Apple smart speakers, you should get over it because these are all rumors.

Honestly, something that invades your private life every single second of the day is your smartphone. You may think that your smartphone has a camera that stays hidden and is not able to access your view, but this is again a misconception. No matter what smartphone you have, Android or iOS, all of these take data from your daily life and send it over the internet.

And this data is then used to offer you different types of ads that you see on your smartphone when you open a particular web page. So your private life is not completely private because there is always something or someone that is taking your data and using it as well.

So blaming just the smart speakers for this would not be so wise. In fact, you yourself supply a lot of data to these smart speakers knowingly and unknowingly, and hence, if they invade your privacy, it’s with your permission.

For instance, you set alarms and reminders on your Amazon Echo devices for various things — be it waking up in the morning, going to your yoga classes, picking your children from school, going to a park in the evening, and several such things. When you are feeding all the data yourself from your daily routine, how can you expect everything in your life to stay private?

And these Amazon Echo devices come with a safety switch button, where you can switch them off if you do not want them to listen to your private matters. In fact, they do not work on batteries. They need an electrical connection to work and you can simply plug out the device when you think they are not in use.

Honestly, I have been using these Amazon Echo devices with Mediatek chipsets for so many years now and there hasn’t been any issue with them. They are doing really well and I also keep track of the safety measures when using these devices. So you can buy any kind of smart speaker without any fear because when these smartphones came into our lives, our private lives are not private anymore.



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