Are You Rich and/or Happy?

This might be a debatable topic for many but people believe that being rich by money is synonymous to being happy and those who have enough money are happy enough. Do you too believe something like this? Well, I have some different thoughts and though these are debatable as well, but I would try to keep my points to make you understand.

There is an age-old question which goes like, can you buy happiness on exchange with money? Well, diplomatically, people would say NO, but then, they would want money because money makes them happy. I believe that money cannot buy happiness because nothing in the world can buy happiness. Even if your cover the entire universe excluding you in Gold and lend it to someone who is selling happiness, even this is not capable of lending you happiness.

Actually, happiness is a state of mind and not something that can be purchased. Happiness takes birth in your mind and gets disappeared at the same place. You try to search it elsewhere and you would never be able to find it.

What makes a person happy? It is other people and not money. And let me explain you this with some examples. Imagine you are the richest person of the earth and have all the wealth that you want? Would you be happy if you are alone on this earth? Would you be happy when there is nobody on this earth to appreciate your wealth? I really don’t think so because it needs at least some people to make you happy and in real, it’s not the money but the people in the end that made you happy.

Even if you have all the money but no family, friends or people to talk to, how long will you be able to be happy with all this money? Of course you want nobody and you have your social media feeds, but that’s again checking other people’s work and life and this again proves that you need people in your life to be happy than the money.

Even broke people live a pretty happy life when they have their family to support them and even the wealthiest stay unhappy all the time because they have nobody to be a part of their life. So if at all life has taught me anything, do not value money more than the people in your life.

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