Are You Ready to Ziggy-Wiggy with Echo?

Do not think of anything that is under the belt when you are reading the headline. I never meant anything over the line except for some technological changes that took place with the Amazon Echo devices and you would be experiencing these changes pretty soon.

Let me start with a question: What is the most unique aspect of most of the prominent virtual assistants in AI devices? Artificial Intelligence, of course, but another very common aspect about them is their voice, and whether Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Assistant, all of them are female voices.

Well, there was a reason why the tech giants in the world always came forward with a female voice and this is because the female voice is more soothing and can really please all the men and the women in the world. However, you can say the tables have turned because Amazon is here with a change that you have probably been waiting for for quite some time.

Amazon has brought a new member equipped with Artificial Intelligence and this time, it’s a boy. Yes, if you do not wish to hear Alexa or are too bored with the voice, here is a chance to turn the voice into a male one because “Ziggy — The Male Virtual Assistant” is absolutely at your service.

Wondering why Amazon named this boy Ziggy? Here’s the thing. Ziggy is the cartoon character in the series where his full name is Ziggy Marley played by David Bowie and the name of the series is, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.” You’ll see it in the device settings using the Alexa app. The benefits are clear for anyone with a human named Alexa in the house and maybe for those who don’t.

So if Alexa is no more listening to you or you want a sexy male voice to spice things up, Ziggy is at your service.

And here is how you can make things work in the aspect with a wee bit of settings on your device:

How to change Echo speakers’ Alexa voice to Ziggy:

To change the voice of Alexa to Ziggy, here are a few steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Go to the Alexa mobile app that has been updated to the latest version.

Step 2: Go to the Devices section and select All Devices in there and then select the device you want the settings to take place.

Step 3: Select Settings, and under the General Setting menu, scroll down till you find the new option -” Alexa’s Voice’ and select the voice you want from the list.

— Original is the feminine-sounding, classic voice (Alexa) and the New one is the masculine-sounding voice which is Ziggy.

But wait, you are still not ready to roll because there are still some voice settings that you need to make in the device ane here is what you need to do for this.

How to change wake word Alexa to Ziggy

If you sit satisfied with only the above settings, neither Alexa nor Ziggy would answer when you request something. In order to change the voice assistant completely to Ziggy, here are some more settings that you need to make:

Step 1: Open Alexa mobile app and check if there are any more updates available for it on the app store.

Step 2: Go to Devices and select All Devices and then select the device that you want the setting to take place in.

Step 3: Select Settings, and under the General list, do select the Wake Word.

Step 4: Select the word ‘Ziggy’ from the list, and then select OK

Now you are ready to roll in your world with Ziggy as your new voice assistant. You can use it the same way as Alexa, demanding music, recipes and all sorts of stuff, and can also get some interesting replies when you ask the assistant to marry you. Are you ready for the change?