Are You Ready to Welcome Ads on Amazon Echo Devices?

Andrew Johnson
3 min readSep 19, 2022


Amazon Echo smart speakers have definitely made the world smarter. And the process of transforming the entire world has started right from home. These smart devices with MediaTek processors are a household name these days and while they make really good use of Artificial Intelligence, they are pretty affordable as well.

However, while they have been delivering a wonderful experience to the homeowners, turning their homes smarter, there are some new introductions on the way. One of these is the introduction of ads from some specific products and these products or services will be advertised by Alexa itself on your certain query.

Amazon Customers Ask Alexa:

Did you see Amazon’s new Accelerate 2022 conference? Well, this is something that excites people and one of the decisions at this conference was related to the Amazon Echo devices. They have introduced this new Customer Ask Alexa feature, which means when you put up a query to Alexa, Alexa would answer the same but would include the name of the sponsored products or services in the response.

For instance, if you ask a question such as, “Alexa, Why are my hair turning thin?”, Alexa would offer you a suitable response with reasons, and would also offer you the names of some shampoos that you can use to do away with the issues. And do not be surprised if Alexa suggests you names of some salons as well where you can get some good hair treatment.

Similarly, if you ask about how to remove dirt from your carpet, you may also get names of some brushes or cleaning solutions from some brands which could be used to clean your carpets. In case you need it, Alexa will also offer you the link to Amazon’s store for that product so that you can purchase the product directly from it.

According to Amazon, “Brands registered with Amazon Brand Registry will see the new Customers ask Alexa feature in Seller Central, where they can easily discover and answer frequently asked customer questions using self-service tools. All answers go through Alexa’s content moderation and quality checks before Alexa selects the most relevant answer to share with customers.”

So while Amazon is looking to commercialize these Amazon Echo smart speakers, you may also get a better response with the name of the products and services that can be used.

However, you ought to know that these products are sponsored and if Alexa suggests the name of some products, it does not mean you get the best products in the aspect. So all these MediaTek-powered Echo devices will come up with this Customer Ask Alexa feature from the second quarter of 2023 and the testing for this feature is still underway.

Do you think the response from Alexa with brand or product names is a good idea by Amazon?



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