Are you Ready for Amazon’s “Hey Disney” Voice Assistant?

Disney fans are about to get a treat from Amazon and it’s right here.

You already know about Amazon Echo Devices with MediaTek chips that are a household name these days. You just need to say “Hey, Alexa” and Alexa will bring a world of things that you demanded. How about combining the goodness of these devices with the voice of characters from Disney?

Amazon Echo Devices and Disney: The News

In 2022, Disney collaborated with Amazon to give birth to a custom voice assistant that would bring in the smartness of Alexa and the voice of characters from your favorite Disney movies. All you need to do is say ‘Hey, Disney” instead of “Hey, Alexa” and this would serve your purpose.

This voice assistant was the first-ever non-Alexa assistant to be present in the Amazon Echo Devices and was initially used in selected Disney Resort hotels. But now, this would soon be a household name like the devices they are present in.

What Do You Get from Disney Amazon Echo Devices?

Of course, you are getting this smart Amazon Echo device with the voice of your favorite character. However, the partnership between Amazon and Disney also includes access to the intellectual property of Disney and this allows Alexa to be employed for a lot of other broad experiences, thereby delivering Amazon some earnings from customized client solutions.

Besides, the voice assistant would be packed with a lot of Disney features and they include greets from your favorite Disney character, funny conversations, and interactive trivia. You also get access to the soundscapes that have been inspired by the movies from Disney.

The supported voices arrive with around 20 popular characters from Disney, including Pixar, and even Star Wars. For instance, do not be surprised if you ask about the weather, and Olaf from the movie Frozen would tell you that it is freezing cold outside. This experience is taken care of by Disney Magical Companion and it would not be Alexa in the background.

Disney also states that it will worth the interactive wearable from the brand and you can get the Disney MagicBand+ which delivers a better experience in terms of the Trivia Games from Disney. This band, which was normally used for the entry into the park and elements such as Lightning Lane access, will also illuminate and send an alarm when the guests are on their way.

“Disney is the master storyteller, and its stories are so powerful for so many people,” noted Aaron Rubenson, the vice president of Alexa, in a statement released during CES. “Now people can keep talking to a character, they can continue with the storyline when they go back to their room at the end of the day or when they go home after the vacation is over. It’s just gratifying to imagine that we’re a part of literally bringing that magic home,” he added.


This combination of Disney and MediaTek-powered Amazon Echo Devices is set to bring something new for the users and I hope people would be waiting for it. As per both brands, the Disney Magical Companion would be available for US customers in 2023, but the launch date of the device is still not confirmed. What do you think about this?



I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.

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Andrew Johnson

I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.