Are You Going for Lenovo 100E Chromebook?

  • If you need to lend a Chromebook to your high-school kid for online classes, this is one of the best products on the market. It is built quite tough with rubber bumpers, reinforced ports, and hinges. Besides, it also has mechanically anchored keys. Surprisingly, the Lenovo 100E Chromebook can handle all kinds of shocks and slams quite easily. Not to forget, it is even drop-resistant up to 29.5 inches, which is almost equal to the height of a normal school desk. So if it even slips out of the hands of your kiddo, it will be alive and would not give you a heart attack.
  • If you are still worried about how it would perform, I think you need to know that Lenovo Chromebook 100E is powered by a MediaTek MT8173C processor which can handle all kinds of tough tasks pretty easily. Besides, it has 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage to make sure that you never face any lags or hiccups in your work.
  • You can run all kinds of Android apps from Google Play and the Chrome Web Store. If you are still studying or a teacher, you can make use of the Education apps which are specially designed to facilitate and enhance learning. In fact, if you love any other apps such as Tinkercad™, GeoGebra, LucidChart, Jamboard, WeVideo, Kahoot!, and similar others, I think you would really love Lenovo 100E Chromebook.
  • The Chromebook consists of an 11.6" HD display with a built-in antiglare technology that reduces strain on the eyes. No doubt, this makes it good enough for both the students and the teachers. It consists of a front-facing 720p HD camera that makes video calling simple. Even if you do video-conference or chat on Skype, you get a clear picture with amazing audio quality.
  • Lenovo Chromebook 100E has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the students. So it has a battery which lasts almost 10 hours with normal uses. Due to this, the kids would not need to carry the adapter with the device, everywhere they go. The device is capable of supporting their tasks for a long period of time.




I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.

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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.

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