Are We Losing our Kids to Technology?

Is technology truly our friend? Most of them would say yes at this point because we have still seen only the good side of technology and we choose to ignore the dark sides even when we see it through. Yes, technology has made our work easier than it was in the past. However, could this be the reason why people are losing their health and are more on pills than the food they consume?

Well, there are dark sides to everything, I agree, but technology is surely taking our kids away from us and this is not quite what you would have expected. Nowadays, it appears that kids are born with the talent to operate smart devices. You offer them your smartphone and they would easily find the areas of their interest. They can use YouTube better than us, they can find games well enough, and most importantly, if they do not find games on your smartphone, they can install their favorite games in seconds and you can hardly do anything about it.

But there’s something worse, most parents are so busy that they themselves push their kids towards the technological and virtual world, rather than explaining to them the implications. If their kid is being destructive in the house, they would offer them a smartphone and consider that it solves their problems. Besides, these Amazon Echo devices for kids are something that many parents buy now and Amazon is luring them with more kid-friendly devices.

I would not say that either Amazon or the parents are wrong. Amazon is doing its business and parents are minding their own. However, the real trouble is faced when these parents are hardly able to see what their kids do with these technological products. Do you still think technology is our friend. Could we be losing our kids to these technological products?



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Andrew Johnson

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