Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Remarkable 2: The Writer with an Edge?

Andrew Johnson
3 min readMar 23, 2023

If you wish to get an e-reader with scribble options, now you have several devices to choose from. However, the ones that have caught the attention of people the most are Amazon Kindle Scribe and Remarkable 2, in recent times.

The original remarkable was a pretty cool device and then came the second device in the series. However, is it good enough to compete with Amazon Kindle Scribe? Let us find it out by comparing Amazon Kindle Scribe and Remarkable 2 in terms of their features and specifications:

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Remarkable 2

  • Starting with the design and size of the devices, we should know that Amazon Kindle Scribe measures 5.8mm in size and weighs about 433g. Against this, Remarkable 2 is just 4.7mm in size and weighs 403g. However, the Remarkable 2 device has a heavier chin under the display. Even with this, the Remarkable device is slightly more compact and lighter, so it is slightly more portable.
  • Both Amazon Kindle Scribe and Remarkable 2 offer a paper-like reading and writing experience which is pretty good. However, they have some differences in terms of their displays. Amazon Kindle Scribe comes with a 10.2-inch monochrome screen with a 30ppi display resolution and has an LED front light along with auto brightness and adjustable warmth feature. On the other hand, Remarkable 2 has a 10.3-inch monochrome display with a 226ppi display resolution. However, it lacks LED front light and other display comfort features. So in the display aspect, Amazon Kindle Scribe is definitely better than Remarkable 2.
  • Amazon Kindle Scribe is powered by a MediaTek chip and this powerful platform is capable of offering great performance, considering the CPU clock speed of 2GHz. So you can expect speedy results for your operations. Against this, Remarkable 2 comes with a processor that is clocked at 1.2GHz and thus, you can expect comparatively slower performance.
  • Talking about hardware and other features, Amazon Kindle Scribe occurs in 3 different variants of storage, which are 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB. Against this, Remarkable 2 comes with a single 8GB storage and thus you can always get more even when you choose the lowest variant of Amazon Kindle Scribe.
  • Even the connectivity and the battery features in Amazon Kindle Scribe look much better than Remarkable 2. Amazon Kindle Scribe supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and has a battery that can last 12 weeks while only reading. If you use the writing Pen, the battery lasts about 3 weeks. Against this, Remarkable 2 has only Wi-fi support, and the battery in the device with last between 2 and 3 weeks. So Amazon already showing that it is a pro in the devices it offers.
  • Remarkable 2 can support PDFs and ePUB files on the device. And while Amazon Kindle Scribe can also support these, it also supports Word Docs and has templates for checklists, lined paper, grid paper, and others. It offers a handful of different ruled paper and lines paper templates, plus to-do lists, daily planner formats as well as blank, dotted, and grid paper.

Now if you look at the price of the devices, Kindle Scribe will originally cost you about $339 along with the Pen. Against this, Remarkable 2 is slightly affordable at $229. However, the cost of the marker is not included in the device. To get the Pen, you need to pay about $79 more, and for the eraser, it takes $99 more. So the cost of Remarkable 2 adds up to $378 with all the accessories.

So which one of these devices — Amazon Kindle Scribe and Remarkable 2 do you think has an edge in terms of features they contain?



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