Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids: Entertainment and More

Apart from the education of kids, they need to get entertained as well. And while allowing your kids to play out is necessary, it is also important to keep them at home during rough weather conditions or times when they cannot move out of their home. Even in such conditions, your kids can get pretty entertained.

And instead of offering them a smartphone, I think a smart Echo device such as the latest Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids would be a pretty good thing for them. Though I am not in favor of digital devices in kids’ hands, times are such that everything around us is digital. So as the kids observe their parents, they want everything similar.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids is the latest innovation by the brand powered by a Mediatek processor that has been designed keeping in mind the entertainment and education needs of the kids. Your kids would love watching cartoons for hours on your TV set and to prevent them from watching, you would have several techniques of hiding the remote or locking your television.

However, Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids is a bit more sophisticated than your smart Television and more helpful than a smartphone in the following ways:

Helps in Kids’ Education:

Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids is like the normal Echo Show device meant for adults, only slightly modified to meet the eyes and the heart of your kids. It can help your kids view a lot of educational videos which could be searched with the help of voice commands in just a few seconds.

Besides, the kids can even ask all their questions to Alexa and Alexa would certainly hush their queries. They can make video calls to selected contacts, including their tutors when they face any issues in their studies. Online education would be much more fun with these devices.

Helps in Entertainment:

Entertainment is one of the purposes served by Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids and not the only purpose. It includes 1 year of Amazon Kids+ gives kids access to over 15,000 videos, audiobooks, games, music stations, and more. Your subscription will be automatically renewed every month starting at just $2.99 per month and if you want to cancel the subscription, you can do it any time.

This is important to get your kids entertained in a separate room when they and you both need to watch their favorite shows on TV, or you are busy with some important work and do not want your kids to disturb you. As aforementioned, if your kids cannot go out to play, this could be a good entertainment method.

Helps You Set Limits:

Excess of anything is bad, whether studying, playing or entertainment. And with a device like Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids in their hands, it is always possible that your kids would stay glued to it all day.

This is why the device comes with parental controls where the parents can keep a check on what the kids see on the device and for how much time. You can set the entertainment limit of your kids to 1 hour or 2 hours according to your needs and the device would not work after this even when the kids try.

This is helpful to control your kids and prevent an excess of entertainment You can use it as a tool to increase or decrease the limit when your kids do well in their education and this could be a reward for their efforts in education.

Besides all these, Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids, like all the other MediaTek-powered Echo devices for kids, comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee, and Amazon would replace the device completely free of cost if it goes bad or breaks down in between. So besides entertainment, Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids serves a lot of purposes and is a wonderful addition to any kids’ table. This also serves as a great Christmas and Thanksgiving gift to your kids