Amazon Echo Show 15: Major Pros and Cons

Andrew Johnson
4 min readJan 24, 2022


What’s new in the world of Amazon Echo devices? Well, Amazon Echo Show 15 is something new and again, something really interesting. When Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Gen entered the market across the world with its rotatable head, I thought there is nothing that can counter this technology and Amazon has to work very hard to produce something better.

And Amazon did it again. It brought the new Amazon Echo Show 15 smart device that comes with a customized processor and is more like a wall painting, except for the fact that it is digital.

But when a new device like this occurs, it is always viewed with a lot of enthusiasm and this is what Amazon Echo Show 15 actually faces now. We, the users, have assessed the device thoroughly and have brought you some interesting things about the device in the form of its pros and cons.

So here is a list of the major pros and cons of Amazon Echo Show 15 which would definitely help you get a better idea about the device.

Pros of Amazon Echo Show 15:

The Display:

If it’s an Amazon Echo Show device, the display has to be something interesting. And there it is — the 15-inch display which is really huge and almost a miniature television for the users. You can buy a stand for it or get it mounted on a wall. It looks like a perfect photo frame and a digital painting that is capable of displaying a lot of different things.

The outer framework of the device offers it a really good look and something that people arriving at your home would notice in a moment. Plus, the device is designed tastefully so that it gels well with any decoration and paint color on your walls.

The Processor:

Do you know about the processor that Amazon used in all the Echo devices till now? Well, whether you contain a smart speaker or a smart display device, all these are powered by Mediatek chipsets and do a wonderful job for the buyers at a low cost.

However, this Amazon Echo Show 15 is something different and instead of using a Mediatek chipset directly, Amazon joined hands with MediaTek and produced a new chipset. This smart Show device contains an AZ2 Neural Edge processor from Amazon that was designed by the association of Amazon and Mediatek and is a wonderful option for buyers. It ensures good connectivity and the graphics section of the device is also managed by the same.

The Utilities:

Well, this is something very obvious, but important to mention as well. You might know that Amazon Echo Show devices support a lot of different features and they do well in a very limited amount of space. So talking about the Amazon Echo Show 15, you can mount it on your living room wall and use it as a digital photo frame. Plus, it can be used for Alarms and Reminders when you have Alexa to back your needs.

It can display a personalized screen as per the user and offer weather updates on your needs. Plus, it also keeps updating your shopping list and shows on demand.

The camera in the device can be used to video call a lot of people and it can be used in both the landscape and the portrait modes. There are a lot of such utilities and it is definitely quite helpful to the homeowners.

Cons of Amazon Echo Show 15:

The Audio:

With everything so good, the features have come at a cost of low audio quality. I mean if you ever used an Echo device, you would know that it has rich audio quality as well. However, Amazon Echo Show 15 does not have the same audio quality and somehow, it lags in the department.

The Camera:

The camera quality in the device too could have been slightly better. It has turned better than the last devices, but for a big screen, it’s still not that effective and hence I think this one of the features again would not impress the buyers.

Will all these features, the Amazon Echo Show 15 costs $250 in the USA and is almost similar across the world. So do you think that this device is good enough for your home?



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