Amazon Echo Show 15: Giant Unleashed

  • The new Amazon Echo Show 15 has this huge 15.6-inch full HD display with 1080p display resolution and this is like a small TV in your home. I mean this is absolutely perfect for your everyday entertainment and it comes with a lot of other amazing features as well.
  • This smart product is powered by an Amlogic Pop1 octa-core SoC with Amazon AZ2 neural network engine that Amazon designed with MediaTek. You might know that most of the previous Amazon Echo products were powered by specialized MediaTek IoT chipsets and this time, Amazon designed something new with the assistance from Mediatek.
  • So the smart display on Amazon Echo Show 15 can be used for lots of tasks. It can help you organize your home, assist you in the kitchen, for entertainment purposes, setting reminders and can be used as a digital photo frame as well on the wall. You can use it either in landscape mode or as a portrait. It works fine in both.
  • The smart Amazon Echo Show 15 comes with a 5MP selfie camera and you already know that it serves a lot of functions. You can use it for video calls and can also take selfies using this. Your official Zoom calls etc. can also be managed through this.
  • All your entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and HBO etc. are already present on the device and you can stream them anytime when you like to watch them. This miniature TV of an Echo device would offer you much better entertainment.
  • The smart Echo Show 15 can also be used to keep a watch on your kids when they are sleeping. You just need to affix a small camera near them and connect it to your Echo device. And even if you are in your kitchen, you can keep a close look at the toddlers while they are sleeping or playing in some other room.




I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.

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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

I like Technology and Netflix. One of the biggest fans of FRIENDS.

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