Alexa Saves a Family From Fire in Maryland

Andrew Johnson
3 min readSep 26, 2022

Are you skeptical about keeping an Amazon Echo device in your home? Well, these days, people think that these smart devices with MediaTek processors would invade their privacy and send information to secret agents who can break into their homes.

However, this is not at all true and while the Amazon Echo devices serve a lot of different purposes in smart homes, they have life-saving features as well. Yes! This is absolutely true and this incident occurred in Maryland where a family of 6 was saved by an Amazon Echo device. The family would have been charred to death, but thanks to the Echo device in their home, they escaped the mishappening easily.

Here’s What Happened?

According to a report by Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department in Maryland, a group of 4 adults and 2 children were saved from a disastrous fire in their house when Alexa alerted them about some smoke in their house.

According to them, the family was sleeping at night and around 2 AM, Alexa woke them up after she detected some smoke from her house. When they got up, they found heavy smoke inside the house but luckily, they had enough time to escape the house because of the Amazon Echo device and the working smoke alarm in the house.

The fire and rescue department reported this on Twitter as well saying, “Just before 2 am, a Silver Spring family was alerted to smoke in their home by Alexa.”

According to Pete Piringer, the Chief Spokesperson in Montgomery County, the family was able to track the smoke which was coming out from the attached garage and was trying to open the door to find out what happened. However, the smoke pushed them back and even the heat was intense to not enter the place. Luckily, no one was injured and the house also contained working smoke detectors which saved the family at the right moment.

When investigated, the exact reason for the fire was found to be a couple of electrical chargers that were plugged in to charge an electric bike and also the battery of an electric lawnmower, as reported by Pete Piringer to

According to the officials, there were combustibles lying close to the source of the heat and these were responsible for starting the fire. And due to this fire, the family suffered an estimated loss of $175,000.

Well, the loss of materials was secondary and it can always be recovered. However, the best part was that no one actually suffered any injury because of the disastrous fire.

So you see that Amazon Echo devices are quite capable of saving even the lives of people and although they have offered so many other benefits, saving life was certainly the best one of all.

You can even guard your home from anywhere in the world when you have an Amazon Echo device — an Echo Dot or an Echo Show with an active internet connection. You can switch on the guard feature and the device will take care of your house, offering alerts when it detects something unnatural or unfavorable.

So if someone tries to break into your home or your home suddenly catches fire, you can get all the alerts with Amazon Echo devices in your home. Just switch on the Guard feature and rest assured for these smart devices to assist you in any case.

And now you know that the Amazon Echo device can assist you a lot whether or not you are in your home. And while these devices are capable of saving even your life, this is the best you can expect out of Artificial Intelligence. What do you think?



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